He is cute as shit

Kids React To: The sudden realization of their own mortality

I literally remember doing this as a kid

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Let it B Known. :X

When I was a kid, I used to hate him and ask god why. I would cry myself to sleep, feeling miserable and worthless. Sometimes after being threatened, I slept with a knife under my bed. I have had to fear for my life and even more for my mother’s. 

As I’ve grown up, I don’t hate him anymore. There is no point of this anger. Through a long way, he’s made me who I am today. I’ve learned that education, reputation, and all the psychological standards society has created don’t truly represent a person. What really is success? He’s the reason why I have to work hard and be grateful and cherish those that I love. I’ve learned how to deal with selfish, insecure, and crazy people. He’s made me this tough bitch with a grown dick. Thanks to him, I’m not afraid to die. 

For all I know, I have had no father. In self defense and to protect my mother, I am not afraid to kill him. I will not hesitate to slit his throat, stab his heart, and poison that foul mouth of his. He has always been dead to me. 

Why You my Clarity Huh

Damnz it. I am the other girl again! I think your soul mates or really great people that you think belong with should have applications for everyone who wants to be with/date/love/schmang. That way I can have a fair chance at certain loves of my life whom I must accept I got no chance with.

Time is freakin enemy. 

But thats okay. Someone will always have a somebody! <3 I just need to stop envisioning glorious tan prince with swag on a white horse.

FRUIT FLIES SHOULD ALL ZIPZAP AWAY. they are living in our fridge. i am frightened. bc i am all about leftovers. 

I hope everyone’s memorial weekend has gone handy dandy! Stress weeks here we fuckin go!

I think I’d have a heart attack…

…like when you have the sinking feeling that you need to move on. you are stranded left bare, you’ve given someone more than they did for you. it is your fault, you didn’t understand the negotiation… you took the relationship much further. yup, me’s a big fool.

KARMA WHERE YOU AT HUH? I need to believe that all those good points   i have made better be loading in some fat ass piggy bank… hopefully to invest something very special and very worthy. 


me and my future boo <3


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Maybe I had said, something that was wrong.

Its Heelarious how even the friends that you felt so confident will last forever turn out to b not so great of friends. I am constantly amazed by who is there and isn’t. Who thinks about me and who doesn’t. It’s upsetting when I put so much effort in considering somebody and thinking about them, yet there is no return. 

And a few of those, I am surprised that they are still there. I believe I saw them for certain flaws sometimes, that it makes me overlook their strengths and really great friend qualities. I am so grateful for them. 

Of course, people are still changing, especially at my age….the college years, early twenties. We are each in our own Nancy Drew investigation of social life. Fake Bitches and Hoes GET AT ME. 

FAVORITE SONG: HEART ATTACK Demi <3 I feel so alive bitch